Keep your diesel equipment running at peak efficiency

Take control of corrosion, mechanical issues, and premature aging of equipment

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Harness™ Premium Diesel Fuel protects your equipment to ensure you stay on the road or in the field for the long haul

Deliver engine performance, power, and protection from the first tank

It's formulated with a powerful, multi-functional additive system

Restore lost horsepower 100% and protect against additional carbon deposit build-up

Let the multi-functional detergent package clean your entire fuel system

Emulsify moisture, safely passing it through the fuel system

Complete moisture control formula limits the damage left behind from moisture

How does Harness Premium Diesel Fuel compare?

Premium Diesel Fuel Requirements
6.8L Heavy Duty Engine Detergency Test – Clean Up*
6.8L Heavy Duty Engine Detergency Test – Keep Clean*
DW10B Light Duty Nozzle Coking Test
DW10C/IDID Light Duty Merit Scoring 10 out of 10 – Keep Clean
Complete Moisture Control
Cetane Improvers
Restores Lost Horsepower 100%

*Harness™ Premium Diesel Fuel results based on tests performed with a John Deere® Heavy Duty engine.

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