Make a smart choice for your diesel engines

Stop letting clogged injectors, pump failures, plugged filters, and other maintenance issues keep you from moving your business forward

Today’s diesel engine

A High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel system feeds individual solenoid valves to give-off fewer emissions, activate better fuel economy, and provide a quieter and more powerful drive.


  • More power
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved injection metering
  • Higher injection pressure


  • Extreme high temperatures
  • Breakdown of ULSD fuel into basic carbon form
  • Fuel filter plugging
  • Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID)
  • Injector nozzle tip coking

Save time and money on costly maintenance and repairs due to HPCR system drawbacks with Harness™ Premium Diesel Fuel

Keep your entire fuel system clean

  • Powerful, multi-functional detergent system
  • Gently removes existing carbon deposits
  • Eliminates Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID)
  • Shields against additional carbon deposit buildup

Superb lubricity extends pump life

  • Reduces injector and injector pump wear
  • Coats all moving parts with protective layer

Added layer of moisture control that safely removes moisture from fuel system

  • Protect filters from plugging
  • Allows fuel to suspend moisture longer, safely passing it through system
  • Prevents icing in fuel
  • Inhibits microbial growth

Corrosion inhibitors protect metal

  • Forms protective barrier to prevent attacks by corrosive agents
  • Prevents pitting and rust formation
  • Reduces downtime and repair costs

Cetane improvers for smooth, fast ignition

  • Starts easier, especially in cold weather
  • Ignites fuel faster for more complete combustion
  • Reduces white smoke and knocking during ignition
  • Increases Cetane up to 6 points

Put to the test against the competition

Harness Premium Diesel Fuel
L-10 Test
Meets Requirement
Exceeds Requirement
XUD9 Test
Meets Requirement
Exceeds Requirement
Clean Up DW-10/IDID Test
Does Not Meet Requirement
Meets Requirement
Keep Clean DW-10/IDID Test
Meets Requirement
Exceeds Requirement

Notice an immediate difference

Your current diesel fuel system

Clogged injector holes

Sticky injector parts

Impaired fuel economy

High emissions

Reduced power and performance

Poor drivability

Excess moisture

Slow starts

Your future diesel fuel system with Harness Premium Diesel Fuel

Clean fuel system from the start

Longer running engine

Smooth, fast ignition

Less deposits

Controlled moisture

Reduced friction

Higher fuel efficiency

Lower maintenance costs

Use our savings calculator to determine how much you can save with Harness

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