Leroy Jones

I wanted to share an interesting experience I had. I am a former truck driver and farmer and I’ve been around diesel fuel all my life. Recently, I heard a radio ad about Harness Premium Diesel Fuel offered by Frenchman Valley Coop and it stuck in my mind as something I wanted to try. Shortly thereafter, my wife and I went on a trip to McCook, NE and had the opportunity to try Harness. I drive a 1995 Ford Powerstroke with the usual high miles and, of course, lots of smoke. Pulling my camper, I typically get about 10-11 miles per gallon, plus I treat my diesel with a store-bought additive. After putting Harness in my tank, I noticed I had an increase in power, less smoke – and to top everything off – I got an average of 16-18 miles per gallon on that trip. Best part is I didn’t have to treat Harness with any other additive. I am a true believer in this product and I had to share my story.